Is A Firm Mattress Always Better for Back Pain?

If you suffer from back discomfort, it is important to choose the correct mattress. While many feels that a firm mattress is better for a sore back, this is not necessarily the case. Indeed, a firm mattress will not support the spine’s natural curvature and may result in extra difficulties. Best mattress for better night sleep and for back pain are widely available. Let us find out what type of mattress is ideal for a poor back and those with scoliosis and why the firmest one isn’t suitable for you.


  • Points of pressure

A firm mattress develops pressure points in the shoulders and pelvic region. This may be uncomfortable for anybody, especially for people who sleep on their sides. Additionally, having these pressure areas on someone with a poor back can make them feel twice as awful.

Another issue with pressure points is that if they produce numbness, you may constantly toss and turn to find a comfortable posture. It might be challenging to find a comfortable position on an overly firm mattress, resulting in endless restless nights.

  • Misalignment of the spine

An overly firm mattress will not support your spine in its correct posture. Rather than that, it will focus on the body’s most heavily loaded areas: the shoulders and hips. This results in the unpleasant pressure areas. Along with the discomfort, this mattress will result in long-term difficulties due to the absence of sufficient spine support.

For someone with a poor back, a firm mattress can create a slew of complications as the body attempts but fails to compensate for the absence of lower back spinal support. You may be unaware that your body is attempting since your muscles will be working unconsciously. However, you will become acutely conscious of a longer-term ache and discomfort that may appear to be lingering.

  • Incapacity to comply

A firm mattress will not adjust to your body appropriately, resulting in gaps between you and the bed. This implies that some parts of your body will be unsupported by a tough mattress, which will result in additional discomfort if you have a poor back. A mattress would provide adequate support in an ideal world while also conforming to your body’s shape.


A medium-firm density mattress is the most excellent choice for a poor back. While it is critical to avoid a too-hard mattress if you have a poor back, it is also crucial to prevent a too-soft mattress from supporting your body weight. An excessively soft mattress will not support the body adequately, causing it to sink too deeply into the mattress. As a result, if you sleep on an exceptionally soft mattress, your back discomfort will intensify. Rather than that, for people with scoliosis and a weak back, a medium-firm mattress is regarded as the optimal compromise: neither too soft nor too hard.

The material used to construct the mattress also has a significant influence in relieving discomfort. A latex mattress is the most excellent option for people who suffer from back pain. This is because latex is naturally springy and fits readily to the shape of your body, providing enough spinal support. Additionally, latex is usually regarded as one of the most comfortable mattress materials available. A pleasant night of comfort and relaxation can go a long way toward relieving the pain associated with a poor back.

When you lie down to test a latex mattress, you’ll instantly understand why many chiropractors and osteopaths suggest it: latex is supportive yet exceedingly pleasant.

A latex mattress will contribute significantly to maintaining appropriate spinal alignment while avoiding pressure spots. Apart from being healthier for a poor back, a latex mattress feels incredible to lay on and relax. Consider sleeping on a medium-firm latex mattress if you have scoliosis or back discomfort. Take one for a spin and see!